Guarding services for Ports, Marina & ships

Port facility, marina and ship security services refer to the security services provided in these areas to ensure safety, protect property and prevent attacks or illegal activities. Guard services in these areas are essential to ensure the safety of passengers, staff and property.

Port facilities, marina and ship security services include the following:

Perimeter security: Guards are placed at critical points to control access to facilities and limit unauthorized entry. They check entrances and exits, check vehicles and persons entering and leaving the area.

Patrols and spotters: Guards patrol the entire facility, marina or ship to monitor security, discover anomalies or suspicious activity, and deal with any problems immediately.

Access Control: Wardens manage the access system to the facility, marina or ship. They check the credentials, IDs and licenses of people entering the premises and ensure that only authorized people have access.

Emergency Response: Guards are trained to deal with emergency situations or hazards that may arise at the port facility, marina or ship. They react immediately and prevent potential threats or problems, inform the relevant authorities and respond wisely and decisively.

Port, marina and ship security services ensure that these premises operate safely, are protected from threats and illegal activities, and provide a sense of confidence and security to passengers, staff and owners. Security guards act as first responders to emergencies and play a vital role in maintaining safety and order in these important spaces.

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