Patrol Services

Security patrol services are an important part of the security measures taken to protect people, property and facilities. Security patrols are carried out by specialized personnel who roam around designated areas, checking the safety of the environment and detecting potential hazards or anomalies.

Security patrol services offer the following:

Area surveillance and security: Security patrols monitor and roam various areas such as buildings, facilities, exteriors and parking lots. This screening helps prevent crime, theft, brazenness and other irregularities.

They control access: Security patrols control access to selected areas or facilities. This includes checking identities, issuing access cards and managing security systems.

Violation Detection: Security patrol services watch the surrounding area for anomalies or violations. If anything suspicious is detected, immediate action is taken to address the situation and ensure the safety of the area.

Emergency Response: Security patrols are trained to respond to emergencies such as fires, accidents, or medical emergencies. They can provide first aid, call the appropriate authorities and manage the situation until they arrive.

Security patrol services contribute to establishing a sense of security and trust in the environment. Specialist staff with knowledge of security and emergency response are an integral part of these services, ensuring the protection and well-being of people and property in a variety of environments.

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